Mobil home XXL : Who we are

Planète Mobil Homes, created in 2013, is the first French company to offer a range of king size mobile homes for hire Mobil Homes XXL (4 bedroom mobile homes) accommodating up to 10 people.. Bassam El Ismahil and Marie Le Corre are the founders and managers of the company Planète Mobil Homes.

XXL Mobile Homes concept

They gained their experience of the outdoor holiday industry while working for many years for a large tour operator specialised in camping tourism.
It was this experience that provided the inspiration for the 4 bedroom mobile home, as they realised that many clients were unable to find accommodation adapted to their needs in the existing marketplace;
Indeed, prior to 2013, many parties of large families, step families, groups of friends exceeding 8 people or parties consisting of two families looking to go on holiday together were unable to find a solution to their needs.

New horizons

En 2013 the company Planète Mobil Homes began operating, opening its first two campsites in the Loire- Atlantique and in Vendée. Each year the range of destinations is expanded to satisfy a broader cross-section of customers.
Today, operating across 22 campsites, Planète Mobil Homes is always looking to open additional sites in new destinations in order to offer its customers the largest possible choice of venues.

Always eager to give holidaymakers the warmest possible welcome, Planète Mobil Homes employs on each campsite representatives from Mobil Home XXL to make you feel at home and ensure that your stay is a pleasant one.

Need more information ?

Don't hesitate to ask more about our mobile homes models or about the various member campsites in France. You can also contact us using our contact form, or simply by phone on +33(0)251 760 760. If you need to know more about our cancellation insurance, you can ask for the complete terms by mail.

Mobil-home XXL: 4 bedrooms, 10 people, 100% holidays !
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